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Multi-buy card savings - add multiple cards to your basket to get the best deals at checkout :)

Jelly Armchair's Bargain Card Bundle Multi-Buy Offer

How does it work?

The more cards you add into your basket, the higher the discount. The bargain price will be added automatically at checkout and is also valid for sale cards. (It doesn’t cover any art prints or cushions). Here’s the breakdown of our mix and match multi-buy offer:

20% off  when you buy 2-4 cards

35% off for 5-9 cards

40% off for 10-19 cards

50% off for 20+ cards

On our standard card prices with multi-buy, this means that:

1 card = £3.95 each

2 cards = £3.00 each

5 cards = £2.46 each

10 cards = £2.31 each

20 cards = £1.93 each

The more cards you buy, the bigger the discount you will create. So have fun building your own bargain bundle of cards and enjoy your mix and match freedom!

Getting puns that pack a punch

We’re always looking for ways to help you to get the most pun for your money. Since we started the company, we’ve tried offering multipack cards, Christmas card bundles, mix and match offers and various card packs of all shapes and sizes. But at the end of the day, we would prefer that YOU get to choose the cards that you want the most.

Our small team pack all of our orders by hand, picking all envelopes and cards as we go, so it makes sense for us to offer you a bespoke card pack picking service (trying saying that 3 times quickly!). It takes more time and resource to pack a single card than to include multiple cards into the same package, and we want our prices to reflect that and to pass that saving on to you.

So, here at Jelly Armchair, we’ve decided to let you stay in control of your buy in bulk bargains. Instead of making up card packs, we’ve decided to run a general multi-buy discount across all our card ranges. You just have to choose which designs you want and the behind the scenes Jelly Computer will sort the rest out. The multibuy discount even extends to our super fancy Pundemic cards as it’s based on percentages.



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