A Jelly Armchair Holiday....with added puns.

We had a holiday!! Over last weekend Cat, our Dad, and myself went to Milan to visit our Italian family and eat as much gelato, and Italian food in general, as we could get our grubby paws on. (Me. Overwhelmed by the choice of sweets. I’m pretty sure I remained in this exact stance for […]

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We have a webshop!

Welcome to our brand new webshop.  It’s been a pretty exciting (and sometimes just moderately stressful!) few months behind the scenes as we’ve built this site with the expert assistance of Realising Designs who have helped us to incorporate as much of Cat’s illustration onto the site as possible. Since our appearance at Progressive Greetings […]

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Welcome To The Jelly Armchair Blog

Welcome to the Jelly Armchair blog. Here you can get the latest news from Cat (illustrator and creative mastermind), and Liz (everything else!). We’re really excited to have our new website up and running so that you can enjoy many a pun.  You’ll be able to see all of our latest designs and they’ll be […]

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