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Wholesale Greetings cards at Jelly Armchair


We love small independent businesses here at Jelly Armchair and we’re here to help make your shop a success with our wholesale greetings cards.


If you have recently joined us as a wholesale customer or are thinking about accessing our wholesale greetings cards, this blog is full of all the things you need to know when it comes to stocking our pun greetings cards.

In this blog we will run through the outline of holding a card wholesale account with us and the resources we have in place for our trade customers when it comes to trading during a global pandemic. We think it’s important, now more than ever, for small businesses to support one another.

The last couple of years have been extremely tough on independent and small businesses so we want to offer a service that can help you and your business through these unknown times. 





A little hand is waving, below that are the words 'microwave'.



Tiny Top Ups 

 We have no minimum order so we can offer you tiny top ups to your shop. No more worrying about having to make a large order. For example, if you want to do a last minute top up of Funny Christmas cards, Valentine’s Day cards or Father’s Day cards, we can make sure they arrive on time to fill your shelves. Or if you wanted to test the waters with something new, our tiny top ups are a great way to go. 



A postman with a moustache is on a bicycle pulling a water well behind him. The well has 'special delivery' and a stamp on it.


Free Tracked Delivery

We offer free tracked delivery on our orders so you receive your order quickly and safely. So no added delivery costs on your order. We aim to dispatch orders with in 24 hours of receiving them. We can also send you the tracking information so you can see exactly where your cards are. 






At Jelly Armchair we are very conscious of our environmental impact and try to reduce our waste output as much as possible.  All the cards that are sent to stockists have no plastic packaging. Each individual card is wrapped in a fully recyclable eco-band. No cellophane bags! These eco bands are made of paper and wrap around opposite corners of the card keeping the envelope and card securely together. This mean we wont be adding any plastic to your shop! All of our eco friendly cards are fully recyclable as well as being sustainably printed on recyclable board in the U.K.



Which wholesale greetings cards are right for you? 

We know there are lots of cards to choose from and so we have created this blog to help you find the right fit for your shop. From pet shops, cafes, florists, village shops, gift shops and post offices we will have the cards you are looking for. Here are some of our wholesale best sellers. 


Pet Shop Picks

We have a huge selection of animal/pet themed cards to choose from.  We have dog lovers, cat lovers and everything in between covered. So if you are looking for some good old pet puns to add to your selection of cards we have plenty to choose from. Here are some of our most popular pets. 

A card stood on a table. Small jack russell wearing a huge dinosaur costume hat, with a little red party hat on top. Text above reads 'Jurassic Bark'.A card on a wooden table. On the card a golden retriever surrounded by pink and yellow lines. Text above reads 'And then I saw her face' Text Below reads 'Now I'm a retriever'










Minimalist Picks


If you are looking for cards that suit your shop’s slick style we also have some luxe cards which would look at home in your shop front. These cards are screen printed in the UK and their sleek black and white appearance pack just as much of a punny punch as their more colourful colleagues.  

A black silhouette of a bunch of flowers, in the middle in white it says 'Thanks a bunch'.A card on a wooden table. On the card a black silhouette of a bear wearing a party hat and holding a present. Inside the bear in white writing it says 'Happy Bear Day!'.











Foodie Picks

Our foodie cards are some of our most popular to date. So there is a great buffet of food and baking puns to choose from. We have cards for those who have a sweet tooth and cards for those who just prefer a good cheese board. Here is a tasty selection of our best selling food greetings cards. 


A blue background and a brown wooden table. On the table is a card. A black slice of cheese is in the centre with text that reads 'I Know It's Cheesy But'. This is surrounded by eight cheese puns.A blue background and a wooden table. On the table is a card. A black heart with leaves in the centre with text that reads 'Vegan Be So Good Together'. This is surrounded by twelve vegan puns.










Florist Picks 


Nothing completes a beautiful bunch of flowers more than an equally eye catching card. We have some blooming brilliant flower puns that will make a great accompaniment to a bouquet of flowers. Here’s our pick of the bunch!

A blue background and a brown wooden table. On the table is a card. A vase with flowers in the centre with text that reads 'Have A Blooming Brilliant Birthday'.This is surrounded by 8 flower puns.A blue background and a brown wooden table. On the table is a card. A leaf in the centre with text that reads 'Bee Leaf Me When I Say'. This is surrounded by 8 flower puns.










Gift Shop Picks 

If your shop sells a bit of everything then we have greetings cards for any occasion. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, driving tests or just because. If you want a wide selection of occasions covered in pun greetings cards then here are some ones to look out for.  

A little fuzzy bee is smiling and saying 'I think you're my knees'.

Grey wooden background. A blue envelope with the card lying on top. The words 'Sorry I didnt get you a present' then a little avocado sat down and reading the card is in the middle. He has a little happy smile. Below that is say 'at least you avocado'










Christmas Picks 

We have a huge selection of festive greetings cards to choose from which are sure to make your customers chuckle. Here are some of our favourites to add to your Christmas card list this year. 

Three mince pies, one has sunglasses, a gun and a brief case. One has a bow tie and cocktail, and one has binoculars. Text below reads "Mince Pies'.A black spiky shape with white writing; 'Have a very MERRY christmas!'. Surrounding this are eight boozey puns.











Hopefully this has helped you narrow down your choices of cards and shown you we have a large selection of choices for any shop. If you need anymore help creating a collection specific to your business/shop then please get in touch. You can reach Liv at liv@jellyarmchair.com or give her a call on 01242 262 861 and she will answer all of your trade/wholesale questions. She can also send along a brochure full of our wholesale card selection so you can see all we have to offer.




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