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Guess The Films



Would you like some hints? Go on then...

1.This aggrieved cupboard won Big-elow at the Oscars.

2. You have to have Mel Gibson’s courage to skydive. Maybe a dodgy Scottish accent helps?

3. You’d have to be looney to want to slam dunk into a fruit preserve.

4. Mr. Murray enjoys February 2nd.  Mr. Murray enjoys February 2nd. Mr. Murray enjoys February 2nd.

5. These sheep have no words for you. You’ll have to see if a passing Buffalo has any clues.

It sure seems like you enjoy a good pun

Right this way for more puns than you could prod into a portly pitcher of pun-ch...

Puns on Paint

A lovable labracadaror, a Jurassic Parp, and a subwoofer...this collection of adorable punderful creatures is sure to give you a giggle.

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