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Guess the pun film quiz.

Guess The Pun - Guess The Film

Welcome to our Guess the Pun games.

These guessing games were started in the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. Cat had forgotten she was supposed to be doing a round in the family ‘Zoom’ quiz, and so hastily doodled some guess the celebrity puns.

These first doodles went down really well with family, and then got texted to friends, and following more positive feedback, they made their way onto our instagram page and had all our followers guessing!




You Need A Clue? Seriously?!
  1.  This charming middleweight male bovine is furious that you’re not going to get the top scor-sese.
  2. Couch to 5k is a whole lot easier when you’re chasing down a group of violent androids.
  3. You could go 50/50, you could ask the audience, or you could just phone home.
  4. Dur Nuh………………….Dur Nuh……………………Dur Nuh Dur Nuh Dur Nuh Dur Nuh.
  5. Spying on your neighbours is unlikely to help you figure out this classic from a m-arse-ter of suspense.

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Pundemic Guessing Game Cards

If you'd like to send this game, in the post (!) to a friend or family member, we've the perfect card for you...featuring a super secret section with a bonus game and lots of extra silliness, it's sure to brighten the day of anyone who receives it!

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Posting as usual through lockdown 3...

Well, not quite as usual, it's just one of us here in the shop (it's Liz...hi!) posting out your orders as we've figured it's better to be as safe as possible at the moment.

I'm getting everything in the postbag that ordered before 12pm each day and it's collected by our amazing postie at 4.30pm, so it should reach you relatively speedily all things considered!

If you have any special requests, want pun based advice, or have any queries etc, please do get in touch - liz@jellyarmchair.com. Also if you fancy sharing your best/worst cracker jokes that would also be appreciated...not that it's at all lonely in this Covid secure workplace or anything...🙄😂😭

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