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Would you appreciate some handy hints? Clues right this way...
  1. Maggie might know, or Georgie, if he stays long enough. But don’t go sailing, you have to guess.
  2. This holy bale of hay is here for you on a dark night, don’t be a joker – just guess.
  3. If you are leaving on a midnight train to Georgia then hurry up and guess!
  4. You will be really Happy if you get this and be No 1, Reggie might be able to help you out!
  5. Don’t let the thrill be gone, guess or you’ll start to sing the blues. Lucille can help!

Why not have a look at our comic themed cards to continue your pun journey!

Cat has created some smashing sequences in this new collection.

Sequential Silliness

These cards feature little squares of colourful characters to help you wish your friend a happy new home or to just send them a hug from afar.

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  • SQ05-Send-hugs-1024x1024
  • SQ03-Planet-1024x1024
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