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Guess The Films

Each illustration below represents a famous film…grab a friend and get guessing. If you’re really stuck, you can scroll down a bit further for some hints, but beware, the immense satisfaction of solving it by yourself can be diminished somewhat if you resort to needing a clue!



Would you appreciate some handy hints? Clues right this way...
  1. Keep March-ing on and Meg sure you get it.  Grab yourself a cup of Jo, sit down and have a think.  Amyone with half a brain should be able to get this, the Bethst film adaptation from a novel in a long time.
  2. You need a clue for this one, seriously?  Are you not entertained?
  3.  Being stuck in a library doesn’t mean you can’t party.
  4.  Driving license for three identical Minis desirable but not essential.
  5.  What a feeling.

Do you need some soothing music...al puns to help you recover from that round?

Cat's designed some absolute bangers in this brand new collection.

Girl Like Herbivore

This collection of musical puns is sure to make your friends grin. Featuring a range of classics, it's Cher to make you believe in the power of pun.

  • Weasel Artwork - Weasel Weasel Rock Ewe, by Jelly Armchair.Two weasels, a rock and a ewe are standing in the middle, writing around the outside reads 'weasel weasel rock ewe'.
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  • 0001_GH02-Herbivore.jpg-1024x1024
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