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  • Pun Guessing Game - Pun of the week sign. 'Pun of the week' is illustrated in big 3D letters in pink, orange, green and purple writing. The letters have show lights in them and there are stars around the outside. There is a big arrow pointing to the right.
    Tape2 Jelly Armchair small business owners - Liz and Cat, illustrated in cartoon form. Cat has dark hair parted to the side and is wearing a spotty shirt. Liz has blonde hair with a fringe and is wearing overalls. They are smiling and waving.

    Meet Sisters Cat and Liz. Cat's our resident artist who hand illustrates all the Jelly Armchair designs and Liz make's it all happen.


We have funny greetings cards and pun gifts for all ages.

Small Family Business. Big Silly Puns.

Funny Art Prints

After months of work, it's ended up being our biggest ever edit. We've quietly added over 60 new art prints to the site including a collection of Multipun wall art prints that are some of our favourite things we've ever produced. From satirical sass to perfect puns, there's something for every wall, so don't delay and browse today!

Multipun cards

You might recognise some of these puns from our bestselling collection of multipun cards. Each of these silly illustrations can be found on one of our classic cards alongside another eight silly puns on the same theme...click through to see all our silly multipun cards or click on an individual illustration to see that card up close!

Birthday Cards

Have as much fun picking the card as we did making them! We have multipuns, numbered cards and of course, hilarious pun illustrations.

Cards for All Occasions

We have an incredible selection of cards to bring a smile to your everyday and stock up the card drawer. Browse our selection of puns for any occasion.

Art and Literature

For the most discerning and sophisticated pun lover we have a selection of some of the classics which have been given the Jelly Armchair pun treatment. Browse our takes on the Classics, from Morris to Monet, from Tolstoy to Dickens.


Last year we finally managed to create our long awaited collection of gorgeous vibrant cushions. All fully illustrated front and back with a contrast piping. They're made in the UK from fully organic cotton. To see all 5 designs click here...

Guessing Game Cards

Do you fancy yourself a pun connoisseur? Reckon you have the best puns in the business? Well why not try your hand at some of our guessing games? Cat's been coming up with these games on our social media for a while now to entertain us, and we've turned them into greetings cards so you can share the puns in the post! Click through to see our Pundemic cards....


Did you know that we offer a handwritten card service? We can write your cards for you and send them straight to the recipient, all for no additional cost. Un-boo-leivable.

Tim waving, by Jelly Armchair. A yellow and spikey soft smiling character is waving at you!

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Jelly Armchair Snailed It multicoloured snail illustration
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