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You need clues??? Amateur.....
  1. The main clue is ‘say what you see’ but in case that hasn’t got you…. Why don’t you do a slippery walk backwards to the mirror and have a talk with who you see there?
  2.  What a ballad. Smokey dulcet tones. Sung by an artist who shares their name with a favourite brand of laptop.
  3. Remember the start of the pandemic when some celebrities thought they could help us out with a certain video? If you don’t remember, you are very lucky. You can only ‘…………’ how cringe it was.
  4.  Absolutely bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Think 2000’s and we’ve no doubt you’ll get it.
  5. This isn’t the song Hot Line Bling. It’s going to burn burn burn if you don’t get the right answer. 
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Posting as usual through lockdown 3...

Well, not quite as usual, it's just one of us here in the shop (it's Liz...hi!) posting out your orders as we've figured it's better to be as safe as possible at the moment.

I'm getting everything in the postbag that ordered before 12pm each day and it's collected by our amazing postie at 4.30pm, so it should reach you relatively speedily all things considered!

If you have any special requests, want pun based advice, or have any queries etc, please do get in touch - liz@jellyarmchair.com. Also if you fancy sharing your best/worst cracker jokes that would also be appreciated...not that it's at all lonely in this Covid secure workplace or anything...🙄😂😭

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