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Guess The Song



You need clues??? Amateur.....
  1. The main clue is ‘say what you see’ but in case that hasn’t got you…. Why don’t you do a slippery walk backwards to the mirror and have a talk with who you see there?
  2.  What a ballad. Smokey dulcet tones. Sung by an artist who shares their name with a favourite brand of laptop.
  3. Remember the start of the pandemic when some celebrities thought they could help us out with a certain video? If you don’t remember, you are very lucky. You can only ‘…………’ how cringe it was.
  4.  Absolutely bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Think 2000’s and we’ve no doubt you’ll get it.
  5. This isn’t the song Hot Line Bling. It’s going to burn burn burn if you don’t get the right answer. 
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