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Dad jokes for Father's Day

Apr 16, 2021

  Find the right funny Father’s Day Card Father’s day is the next big date in the world of card…


Jelly Armchair's top funny Mother's Day card picks for 2023

Feb 19, 2021

 Mother’s Day 2023 – Choosing a funny Mother’s Day card Mother’s Day is just around the corner (it’s on Sunday…


Eco Friendly cards - updates!

Feb 05, 2021

Disclaimer: In this little blog about our Eco Friendly cards, I’m going to use the word ‘board’…a lot. Cat and…


Jelly Armchair's funny greeting cards, full of funny puns illustrated by hand

Feb 05, 2021

We know it can be a little baffling trying to find the right funny greeting cards. We’ve made it our…


Wholesale Greetings cards at Jelly Armchair

Feb 04, 2021

We love small independent businesses here at Jelly Armchair and we’re here to help make your shop a success with…


A Birthday Cheese Pun Card, a Brie-liant way to say, 'happy birthday!'

Feb 04, 2021

Today feels like just the day to take you through some of our cheesiest cheesy puns.  Find a cheese pun…


Funny Valentine's Card Top Picks

Feb 04, 2021

I really love it when someone comes into the shop looking for a card for their significant other. Especially around…


Have a Seasonal Snigger at our Alternative Christmas Cards!

Oct 29, 2020

We know that it isn’t easy finding niche cards at Christmas; it’s either stars, donkeys, or snow. If you are…


Humorous Birthday Card Puns To Send Smiles!

Oct 22, 2020

We all know what it’s like, you’re scouring the shelves to find a friend the ideal card, one that will…


The Legendary Dairy Is Open For Business

Aug 18, 2020

There are eight cows in our legendary dairy. They can’t live at a normal dairy with ordinary cows because they…

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