This fruity mutt is quite the character, packed full of healthy fats and vitamin K(9), he’s not quite sure that fetch is worth the effort. You can see some of his exploits here:

A firm favourite character in our shop he’s perfectly suited to bring a smile to any occasion. Whether it’s for dog lovers or foodies, this card is sure to raise a smile on any occasion.

If you’re a fan of the Avocadog why not take a look at the ‘Avocado Park’ Print and Jigsaw- there’s quite a few avocado dogs to spot on a day out in the park! Or if you’d prefer an Avocatdo or even meeting the Avocadodo why not take a look at our book of 120+ avocado puns and smash ups- ‘You’ve Guac go be Joking’.

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A card from the original Jelly Armchair flagship range, Silly Smile. Each card is blank inside and A6 and comes with a Kingfisher blue envelope.