Was your dad the one who was never scared to check for monsters under your bed? Was he the super hero you needed to keep all the scary things away? Then this is the card for him. 

Let him know he’s the champion of making even the boogeyman run and hide.

Often our Dads are there for us when we are young to keep the monsters in check but they don’t stop there, they help us as we grow and even help with the scary adult stuff like taxes or moving house.

Say thanks to your dad for always being there for you in your time of need no matter your age. 

Also let him know that you’re grateful for him teaching you that it’s not polite to pick your nose, those are some handy life skills.


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Designed using watercolour, fine liner, dip pen and ink, and gouache. This card is 150mm x 150mm and comes with a blue or green envelope.