Are you feeling pretty fondu of someone? Is it time to let them know before you melt completely? You may seem tough on the outside but we know there is a soft side waiting to come out. This card is also great for letting someone know how proud you are of all their a-cheese-ments. 

This humble friendly cheese is, in fact one of our best sellers. It appears that letting someone know they’re special with a cheesy pun can be just the ticket and that can’t be a bad thing!

Cat highly recommends eating brie atop a digestive biscuit to make a quick no fuss cheesecake style delight. She may or may not have eaten that whilst illustrating this very design.


For special treat, you can watch a couple of star-crossed cheeses here

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A card from the original Jelly Armchair flagship range, Silly Smile. Each card is blank inside and A6 and comes with a Kingfisher blue envelope.