Brillo Ant Day


Do you know somebody who is a hygiene Queen? Well, ants also have Queens. I’m not saying you should call them an ant, but ants work very hard. It’s a compliment really.  

Give them a card they won’t expect or forget and they will be brimming with anticipation for next year’s card.

This is ideal for those who just love a good old fashioned pun. 

It’s a solid antenna out of ten.

Liz is offended that Cat actually drew a card with a brillo pad on it…the stupidity of the brillo and Liz disliking that makes Cat like it even more.

 This card also comes in an A6 version.


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Designed using watercolour, fine liner, dip pen and ink, and gouache.? This card is 150mm x 150mm and comes with a canary yellow envelope.