Cat A Pillar


Do you know somebody who likes to stack their cats in order of fluffiness, or perhaps size order – ascending for an Eiffel tower, descending for a leaning tower of Pisa – or maybe you just have stone carvings of cats adorning your walls because you love cats that much (we aren’t judging). Well then celebrate their cat loving colonnades and their feline finials with this purrfect card.

“Of all the animals that would be difficult to stack, I believe cats would be the hardest”- Liv 2020

When we all wrote the copy for this card together, over zoom during Covid-19, Mews (Cat’s cat) came and sat on her lap, so you could say it was co-written by an expert in the field.

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A card from the original Jelly Armchair flagship range, Silly Smile. Each card is blank inside and A6 and comes with a Kingfisher blue envelope.