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If you’re looking for a greetings card for middle class people who like to weigh up the pros and cons of fruity car ownership, this is the one for you. Whether it’s for a driving test, an avocado appreciation society, or just to send a very silly joke to your friends, this card is sure to raise a silly smile.

The original drawing for this card is actually only about 5cm in the corner of a page in one of Cat’s sketchbooks, little did she know the plans he had for stardom! If you’re a fan of this, why not check out our avocado Jigsaw in the gift section and the ‘Guac to be Joking Book’ of 120+ avocado puns- which all started from this card.

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A card from the original Jelly Armchair flagship range, Silly Smile. Each card is blank inside and A6 and comes with a Kingfisher blue envelope.