Ear we go again.

Does your dad love repeating the same dad joke all the time, and you can’t help but chuckle a bit whenever he tells it, despite the embarrassment?

This punny card is sure to let him know that his dad’s humour doesn’t go unnoticed. Celebrate his quirky side and play him at his own game on Father’s day – tell him how, despite the terrible jokes, you wouldn’t change him for the world.

As silly as this pun is, it’s actually one of our best sellers! One of the originating factors of Jelly Armchair is the diet of Dad jokes (yes those cheesy and corny ones) that Cat and Liz grew up on. They are pleased to have turned that pain they endured as kids into something now appreciated so much more on our cards!

Cat came up with the stinker on this card and has dedicated it to her dad as revenge.


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Designed using watercolour, fine liner, dip pen and ink, and gouache. This card is 150mm x 150mm and comes with a blue or green envelope.