Is your son or daughter off to university? Or do you have a young friend who is off on an adventure of a lifetime? Know a little duckling flying the nest? Maybe a sibling faces a daunting first day of school? Whatever it may be, make sure friends and family know you fish them well on their new journey. 

You’d be absolutely quackers to miss out on this illustration, beak-ause there’s no better way to wish your friends or loved ones luck in spreading their wings than with a duck, of course.

They may be migrating far away or just taking a test in the next pond over – make sure that they know you are wishing them all the best. 

The use of Duck in the midlands and the north, such as, ‘ayup me duck’ apparently originates from the Anglo-Saxon term ‘ducas’, used to show someone respect – don’t ‘cha know! We just know that it’s a warm and friendly term of endearment that elicits comfort, so ideal for  sending somebody when they’re in need of a bit of luck.

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Part of the ‘Folded Wave’ collection. ?These cards are designed as a silly reimagining of everyday occasions.? Illustrated in a mixture of dip pen and ink, gouache, watercolour, and fine liner and printed 150mm x 150mm onto FSC certified board. ?These cards come with a grey envelope.