One of our all time best sellers, we think it’s because it’s a brie-liant way to tell someone that you love them, the cheesiest, punniest way! 

If you are so much better to-cheddar and just camembert to be apart, then take a slice from this selection. Trust us, you’ll be top of the board.

Featuring 8 of the cheesiest, punniest chat up lines, accompanied by a suitable cheesy illustration.

Put this card atop a jacobs cracker and it wouldn’t be out of place but we think it would do much better in the hands of someone you want to feel special.


This card is also available with even more puns but with a birthday sentiment instead, Double Gloucester puns!


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A card from our cracking collection of puntastic greetings cards for all occasions, featuring merry mints, doubting donuts and bee-witched bees. Each card is 150mm square and comes with one of three fully illustrated envelope designs.