Ahhh…Mr/Miss/Mrs/Other (please insert your name here), we have been expecting you. 

These are the secret agents who work for MI-Pies.

They protect and keep all our presents a well guarded secret during Christmas.

They prefer their Bucks Fizz shaken and not stirred which can get messy but who are we to argue with top agents.

Their job is to protect and serve up puddings. And once their duties are complete they vanish completely till the following year when they are called upon again.

Quick, get them now before they’re gone this opportunity may not crumb up again.


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Part of our range of alternative Christmas greetings, inspired by the level of wit usually reserved for Christmas cracker jokes.? Hand drawn using watercolour, brush pen, and ink. These designs are then printed to A6 onto FSC certified board. These cards are packaged with a red or green envelope.