If you are in need of a fresh start in the way of birthday cards, we have one that is absolutely mint.

Why send the same old card every year? Yes, people eat cake on their birthday – we know. So mainstream. Mints are more unique, more edgy. So fresh.

If you want a card that is sure to be a sound investment high in laughter returns, then this is the one for you. Ideal for sweet shop owners, dentists, and people who are cool as can be. 

The type of mint Cat chose to illustrate are mint imperials, because she enjoys how they always seem to multiply inside a pick and mix bag.

Cat and Liz’s Nana usually keeps some in the car for car treats and they both used to compete to see who would make one last the longest- which, in hindsight was probably to keep them quiet on long journeys! She also keeps at least 5 mint imperials in each of her fleece pockets for emergencies.

This card also comes with a message suitable for any occasion. The centre reads ‘A Muse Mint’, rather than ‘Have A Montmintal Birthday’.

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A card from our cracking collection of puntastic greetings cards for all occasions, featuring merry mints, doubting donuts and bee-witched bees. Each card is 150mm square and comes with one of three fully illustrated envelope designs.