Don’t guard your feelings when it comes to telling someone just how much they mean to you. Time to Caesar the day and make sure they know you love them more than the Romans loved building straight roads and walls, and that’s a lot. 

With this roman you can be sure to tick the card off the list of things to do this Valentine’s Day.

However, they’re not just a one tick pony, oh no sir, it’s also great for anniversaries or just because you want to let someone know you have all the roman-tick feelings for them.

A great alternative to all the gushing sentimentality you’ve spent your life trying to avoid.


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Part of a range of cards for that special someone. ?They have been designed to make them blush, and then snort with laughter. Illustrated in a mixture of dip pen and ink, gouache, watercolour, and fine liner and printed onto 150mm square card with a red envelope.