Is this a most excellent greetings card I see before me? 

Indeed it is. 

Does the bard in your life have a birthday coming up?

Then celebrate their second childhood in style with a card sure to create mirth and laughter.

If you tickle them do they not laugh, not even at gilded butterflies? Well, this is sure to crack a smile on both fair, and foul, faces.

This card is sure to shake things up at any celebration, packed with a paragon of punny animals where the cat will mew and the dog will have his day.

While some would say that brevity is the soul of wit, we think that one pun would be the winter of our discontent, nine puns is much more like it! We’ll have no to be-ing or not to be-ing around here – just put it in your cart!


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A card from our cracking collection of puntastic greetings cards for all occasions, featuring merry mints, doubting donuts and bee-witched bees. Each card is 150mm square and comes with one of three fully illustrated envelope designs.