Sea-sons greetings to you!

Are you a lover of slightly rubbish zoos? Or even better Shih Tzus?

Did you know the meaning of Shih Tzu is actually: ‘Tiny Lion’! If that isn’t adorable what is?!

It meant we really wanted to find a way to get some onto a christmas card and so we artfully punned them into the classic carol ‘I saw three ships’ can you see how we did it? Smooth right? 


This is the pawfect card for any dog lovers who also happen to be at sea this Christmas – see, we cover everything!


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Part of our range of alternative Christmas greetings, inspired by the level of wit usually reserved for Christmas cracker jokes. Illustrated in a mixture of dip pen & ink, gouache, watercolour, and fine liner. Printed onto 120 x 170mm card with a brown craft envelope.