Words From My Art


Spike Milligan once said ‘Said Hamlet to Ophelia, I shall draw a sketch of thee, what pencil shall I use, 2B or not 2B?’.

If you are a loved up Romeo with a passion for painting, or an even bigger passion for a fellow painter – then this is sure to be your magnum opus.

Let your somebody special know ‘there paint nobody’ like them and that they are your one true muse. 

Whether it’s a card for an art lover, an artist, or somebody who looks as good as a work of art (maybe don’t compare them to a picasso though), stop doodling now and put this in your cart.


Cat really enjoyed illustrating this card as love and art supplies are two of her most favourite things!


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A card from our cracking collection of puntastic greetings cards for all occasions, featuring merry mints, doubting donuts and bee-witched bees. Each card is 150mm square and comes with one of three fully illustrated envelope designs.