Yoga-na Go Far


Are you finding that you’re becoming a bit of a warrior trying to choose a card for your yoga friends?

I’m going to be plank with you, you don’t need to climb a mountain, look under a tree, or get your downward facing dog to either!

You don’t need to search through fields of cows, or herds of cats. You don’t need to risk your life from cobras or locusts. You’ve already found it! Sitting in your chair! Now you can relax and do child’s pose after popping this card into your basket for your yoga friend. Yogana be pretty popular at the next class!

This card was originally drawn for Cat’s friend Jodie who started the Quay Yoga Studio in Gloucester.

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A card from the original Jelly Armchair flagship range, Silly Smile. Each card is blank inside and A6 and comes with a Kingfisher blue envelope.