Jelly Armchair aim to bring you the stinkiest puns, beautifully illustrated and printed onto high-quality greeting cards. A family run business comprising of two sisters, Cat and Liz as well as the occasional input of Dad (genuine dad jokes), boyfriend, family and friends. Our greeting cards are perfect for you to share a grin/grimace with your friends and loved ones.

Cat began drawing at a very early age. There are doodles from a two-year-old Cat on the back of the toilet door and walls of the family house to prove it. She gained a BA in Illustration at Brighton University. Enjoying every minute of her time by the sea Cat used her course to explore many different styles of illustration.

Cat is the artist for all the Jelly Armchair designs, which is over 150 and counting! Firstly, each design is doodled or sketched in her sketchbook. Secondly, the design is hand drawn, most often straight in ink. Thirdly, the design is painted with either gouache or watercolour followed by being scanned in.

Deciding to transition to selling greetings cards full-time, Liz uses her business experience to create a friendly company and spread the joy of her sister’s puns. With the help of Scamp the dog, Liz manages the office side of JA. She also still plays gigs and is currently trying to perfect a homemade batch of Bertie Botts every flavour beans.

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