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Jelly Armchair's funny greeting cards, full of funny puns illustrated by hand


We know it can be a little baffling trying to find the right funny greeting cards. We’ve made it our mission here at Jelly Armchair to create alternative cards, to offer the perfect greeting card puns to help you to send a smile, whatever the occasion. 

A Head Full of Greeting Card Puns

CatCat is our resident artist, and she’s got a head full of card puns. She’s been hand illustrating puns for many, many years now and certainly knows how to convolute things for maximum ‘Punny Drop’ moments. (A ‘Punny Drop’ moment is when, on being exposed to a stinky pun, you follow the initial confusion with a reaction that ranges from a flash of annoyance, to a grimace, to an involuntary palm to the face, followed by acceptance and a reluctant giggle in the space of a few seconds.) We go for full, unadulterated Dad joke, and nothing less will do. 




Alternative funny greetings cards for All Occasions

When we started Jelly Armchair in 2015, we wanted to create alternative card designs for every occasion. We wanted our funny greetings cards to be suitable for all ages and to be there to wind up your friends and family with the silliest wordplay when you couldn’t be there to do it in person.

This is a skill we’ve been honing over the years, and we’re really proud of our range of hilarious greetings cards, they range from the unique, to the ridiculous, the bizarrely niche, and the most tenuous puns imaginable, all of these puns have been skilfully brought to life in ink and watercolour by Cat.  We’ve got some fantastic alternative cards to your usual thank you card for example




Finding The Level 

I mean, I guess you can see where we’re going with this. That’s where the level is. We have this funny Easter card which is also a pretty good example of what we do…I’ve never been sure of whether many people send cards at Easter, but this year, any excuse to reach out and send a giggle has got to be worthwhile right?


The terminator is wearing bunny ears. He is saying 'I still love Easter, baby'.


Get In Touch

We also love to offer pun based advice, so if there’s an occasion you can’t find a pun for, we’d be more than happy to help out. We’re a small team here at Jelly Armchair and we love to hear from you. You can also use our handy ‘Commission Cat’ form for beautiful custom illustrations





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