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Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like good card puns! 


 Mother’s Day 2023

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (it’s on Sunday 19th March in the UK this year), so we thought why not show you some of our best funny mother’s day cards that will help you celebrate your wonderful mum. Now we know everyone has the best mum in the world but no two mums are the same so we’ve got a variety of cards for a variety of mums! So to say a huge thank you to all the mums out there we have created some lovely alternative greetings cards so you are sure to find the one for your mum!

So here’s a look at 12 of our favourites from our collection of Mum’s day cards, or you can browse and shop the whole range here

For The Foodie Mum… 


Two cupcakes, one with a swirl of pink sprinkled frosting, the other with white icing and a cherry. The smaller cupcake with the cherry is saying 'Mum thanks for raising me & baking me who I am'. Text above reads 'You couldn't find' then a picture of spaghetti Bolognese with a huge slice of cheese on top. Then below it reads 'a grater Mum'..







If your mum is cooking obsessed why not send her one of these foodie pun cards? If she’s more into the sweet side of things this baking card will go down a treat on Mother’s Day. See finding the right card really can be a piece of cake. If your mum makes the best comfort food around why not send her a card to say thank you for all she does for you? Whether that’s a slap up meal or just tea and toast, mums always seem to be there for whatever we need. So this brilliant cheesy card is a way to say thank you for all the gouda she does for you.

For the Gardening Mum….


A card on a wooden table. On the card a black shed in the centre of the card. In white on the shed is written 'Mum I Shed Tell You'. Surrounding this are eight illustrated gardening puns.A card on a wooden table. On the card are two moths perched on the stems of some colourful flowers, one small moth is saying 'Happy Mother's Day' and a caterpillar is saying 'You're Larvae-ly'.

Does your mum love any chance to get outdoors and completely re-landscape her whole garden? Is her garden her second pride and joy after you? Maybe it’s a tie. Well if you mum loves all things outdoorsy let her know how blooming brilliant you think she is with either of these greeting card puns. Our gardening mother’s day cards are a great way to say thank you for helping you grow into the person you are now!

For the Mum’s who love animals….  

An elephant wearing red sunglasses is riding a rainbow coloured bicycle, in a baby seat at the back is a little elephant. The baby elephant is saying 'Mum you wheely are the coolest'.Lots of cats wearing colourful pyjamas all have letters on their tops. The letters spell 'Happy Mothers Day'. At the bottom in black it reads '(You're the cat's pyjamas!)'.A brown and cream spaniel has a paw to her brow and a puppy is shaking mud everywhere. In the mud it says 'To a ma-vellous mum'.

Do you have to fight for your mum’s attention because she now has a fur baby you are pretty sure she loves more than you? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.  Well if your fluffy sibling is stealing the limelight then one of these pun greetings cards is sure to have your mum smiling your way! Your mum will be feline the love with these cards and also having a little chuckle reading the puns that tell her just how paw-some she is! Maybe she’s a fan of all things elephantastic, this animal mother’s day card was illustrated as tribute to Cat and Liz’s Mum who loves both cycling and elephants!


For the keep it classy but with a pun Mum…

A card on a wooden table. On the card lots of teardrop shapes of all different colours are shimmering outwards, inside in pink and white it says 'Ta Ma!'.In bold multicoloured writing it says 'You are MA-rvellous'.









If you are looking for an alternative Mother’s Day card that is full of colour and puns then look no further. Sometimes just saying a big thank you is enough. And you can’t get much bigger than this TA MA. Simply letting your mum know just how MA-velous she is is a sure way to make you mum smile this Mother’s Day.

For the Mums who love to laugh… 

Two rocks, one larger one is playing a red electric guitar. The smaller rock is saying 'You rock mum'.A small green striped bowl of tomato soup and a larger blue striped bowl. Both are smiling. The small bowl is saying 'You're souper mum'.








Does your mum have a reputation for telling jokes that are even worse than your dads? Well we have some of the most classic pun cards around for mother’s Day. You can never go wrong with a good old fashioned pun. So if you’ve face palmed with embarrassment at your mum’s jokes why not send her a funny mother’s day card that will make her do the same.

Mothers Day Cards by Jelly Armchair


We hope you have found this blog helpful and that we have made it a bit easier for you to choose which funny Mother’s Day card to send to you wonderful mum this year. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mums out there!


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