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Funny Valentine's Day Cards & Love


I really love it when someone comes into the shop looking for a card for their significant other. Especially around Valentine’s Day, it’s such a joy to be able to help someone make their partner laugh with our funny Valentine’s day cards, or discovering people’s in-jokes and hearing their silly stories. 

Cat’s Alternative Funny Valentine’s Day Cards


Cat’s always enjoyed creating alternative Valentine’s cards, and they’re never specifically puns for Valentine’s day cards either, they’re always blank inside and can be used for any occasion, anniversaries, or even a ‘just because’ card as a surprise for your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, spouse, lover, homeslice, workslice, crush, fiancee…

Our Grandpa, who the business is named after was always dead set against Valentine’s day so we’d hate to do anything that would offend his sensibilities, (and we’ve found that the market is already pretty chocabloc with teddies and pink love heart cards- and although they have their place not everyone wants to celebrate their unique relationship or anniversary that way, some prefer a sarcastic face palm to a simpering swoon?) However, sometimes it’s nice to acknowledge it in your own way, share a giggle and a few words with a humorous Valentines card.


Humorous Valentine Cards… that deliberately miss the point

For this reason we’ve created some designs which it could be said…deliberately miss the point.

Your message of romance will come across loud and clear but it may just be in a way they weren’t expecting. This blog lists just a few of our favorite punny romance cards which are in equal parts romantic and silly. 




A giant tick is wearing a Roman centurions uniform and holding a shield and spear. Text reads 'A Roman Tick'.


Roman Tick

Let me explain, I mean,  we have this design, for when your significant other complains that you’re not romantic enough, wow them with this phenomenal display of a true Roman Tic. Nothing say Amore like a tick in armour! 




A greyscale drawing of the colosseum, two ants are in front, one dressed as a centurion the other in a robe. Text reads 'Rome Ants'.



Rome Ants

If that display of Roman affection isn’t quite enough, perhaps you really need to up the Ant-i with a true show of Rome-ants, I mean they do say that Italian is the language of love after all. You couldn’t get more Rome Ants on a card if you tried. Seriously you couldn’t they’re really hard to find! We were just lucky enough to see these two when they were out and about sight seeing 




A circle and inside is a view into a diamond mine, lots of bees are working away with chisels and hammers. Text reads 'Bee Mine'.



Bee Mine

But maybe that just won’t cut it and you really do need to find a card that tells them exactly how you feel, maybe you want to tell them to be yours…then what better way to express this sentiment than with this loveable bee…in a mine.





In the middle of a lake surrounded by hills is a little heart shaped island filled with happy, fluffy sheep. Text reads 'Isle of Ewe'.



Isle Of Ewe

If that’s just not enough to express the way you feel, you really need to go further, push the boat out even….all the way to this. Now come on, a private Island for Valentine’s day? What more could anyone want? 




A pirate in a blue coat with a wooden leg an deye patch. He is holding a mini treasure chest tied with a bow and a bottle of rum. Text: To the one eye love'.



One Eye Love

If that’s not your fancy, why not push out a bigger boat….a pirate boat? We’ve got a card for that too… Other cards don’t have a patch on this one! 







One Eye Love

If you like the joke but want a fuzzier character fear not… And look this furry romancer even comes bearing gifts. Chocolates and flowers!



A card stood on a wooden table. On the card, four kings in various coloured robes are all standing together. Text: I four king love you'.



I Four King Love You

No? That not cutting it either. Well we really do make niche alternative greetings our specialty and wouldn’t want to let you down on this most important of occasions. Hmm… how about being a little more emphatic in your declaration





A silver fork wearing a golden crown, the fork is smiling. Text: 'I fork king love you'.


I Fork King Love You

Or for the forks sake why not go for this one? 







But just to prove we don’t completely exclude those that like making the big gestures

Text: 'Because I know you like the corny 7 cheesy stuff'. A block of holey cheese is holding a corn on the cob in its arms with a rose in its mouth, the corn looks surprised.


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